Privacy and Information Security

We may collect certain personal information - either through our website, membership forms, inquiries, or other means - as part of running Beit Am and conducting Beit Am's business. No personally identifiable information (including name, social security number, address, telephone number, financial donations, etc.) will be released to any individuals or organizations except as follows:

  1. Information that is necessary to accomplish legitimate Beit Am business - as broadly defined and overseen by the Beit Am Board of Directors or its designees - will be made available to the specific individual(s) that require the information (e.g., the Administrator, Treasurer, and Membership portfolio holder require access to membership pledges to monitor dues payments).
  2. Certain personal information may be shared if the individual (member or non-member) is notified of the specific use and is given the opportunity to opt out. This includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

    (a) Members' names, addresses, and phone numbers are shared with other members through the membership directory, and may also be provided to other members through specific requests to the Administrator, unless the members opt out from including this information in the directory.

    (b) Individuals (members and non-members) making donations to Beit Am will be acknowledged in the newsletter and the honoree will be notified by postal mail, if appropriate, unless the donor specifically requests to remain anonymous.

    (c) Names, email addresses, and phone numbers of Beit Am contacts (for example, Board members, the Principal, contacts for Stone Soup and Meals of Consolation) may be included each month in the "Contacts" page of the newsletter, unless the contact specifically requests that their personal information be excluded.

  3. We may provide printed mailing labels with members' names and addresses to Beit Am's sister organizations (e.g., Corvallis Hadassah, OSU Hillel, Willamette Valley Jewish Community Burial Society) for mailings that help support the mission of those organizations or which could be of interest to members of Beit Am. Information shall not be released to these organizations in electronic form except as specified under (2) above.
  4. Individuals' names (members and non-members) may be included in the newsletter as a part of normal coverage of events and activities at Beit Am.

    None of these restrictions are meant to prevent individuals or organizations from having their own personal information posted on Beit Am media where such postings are permitted. For example, individuals may include business cards for a fee in the Beit Am directory, and a guest speaker may have their contact information posted on the Beit Am website.

    In conducting Beit Am's business we may store personal information in paper files, stand alone computers, and/or on internet accessible computer servers. For each of these storage modes, appropriate procedures will be developed that strive to safeguard the information so that it is only accessible to those authorized to view the information under numbers (1) and (2) above. This will be the shared responsibility of the Administrator and those designated by the Beit Am Board, who have the responsibility for collecting information and maintaining its integrity and privacy, in consultation with the Board when appropriate. Any other users of personal information, as defined under (1) above, shall also adhere to this policy and be responsible for developing appropriate procedures to store the information and safeguard its privacy.

Revised March 9, 2011