Membership to Beit Am

If you are not a member of Beit Am, please join! Our Jewish community needs and deserves your support!

By joining Beit Am, you become a part of an active Jewish community that is committed to the mutual support of members' religious, educational, social, pastoral, and life cycle needs as it relates to a Jewish way of life. You will be supporting a dynamic Jewish presence in Corvallis including:

  • Religious services for Shabbat and for all the major festivals
  • Community-wide observance of major Jewish holidays, including High Holiday services, a community seder at Passover, and Hanukkah and Purim celebrations
  • A Jewish religious leader in Corvallis
  • A building which provides a center for Jewish life in Corvallis
  • A Sunday school with an innovative and thorough curriculum in Jewish education
  • Observance of Jewish life cycle events, including birth ceremonies, weddings and b'nei mitzvah
  • Representation of Jewish interests to school districts, local government and media
  • Adult education programs
  • Social gatherings of Jewish families in and around Corvallis
  • A lending library with a wide selection of hard-to-find books of Jewish interest
  • A monthly newsletter
  • A web page ( with links to many other sites of Jewish interest
  • Support for other Jewish organizations in Corvallis, including Hadassah, Hillel and Young Judaea

Many worthy causes request donations of our time and money. None of us can afford to support every good cause that comes along. Supporting Beit Am is worth it! Please consider being a Beit Am member - it is an opportunity to support a Pacific Northwest Jewish cause with a lot of "bang for the buck." Please fill out the membership form and mail it to Beit Am, 4318 NW Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330

Every July begins a new membership year for Beit Am, and with it comes a time to renew our membership to this special community.

Membership 2023-24

If you are a member and have paid your dues: Thanks for your support!

Pay your membership dues here...

Membership Form

New and Renewing membership form are available as attachments at the bottom of this page.

The form for establishing automatic bank payments to Beit Am (ACH withdrawals) is found in the right-hand sidebar of this page.


The Benefits of Membership:      
The central benefit:      
By joining Beit Am, members become a part of an active Jewish community that is committed to the mutual support of members' religious, educational, social, pastoral and life cycle needs as it relates to a Jewish way of life.


Additional Benefits:      
Generally, Beit Am members are entitled to all services provided by our congregation including education (both adult and child), social and cultural events and programs, religious services, use of the building for various simchas and a wide-range of festivities both religious and social.


  • Beit Am offers religious services for Shabbat and for all the major festivals. Members attend, participate and lead these services. Members also have the opportunity to become trained to lead services.
  • Members can enroll their children in the Beit Midrash Sunday School. Sunday School provides an innovative and thorough curriculum in Jewish education. Children of members may apply for scholarships to support a variety of educational experiences, including Hebrew training and b'nei mitzvah classes. Some additional fees may be required.
  • Members have an opportunity to participate in decision making by the Beit Am Board.
  • Members may serve on the Beit Am Board of Directors or other committees.
  • Members have use of the Beit Am building to celebrate life cycle events (birth ceremonies, wedding, and b'nei mitzvah). Others pay a building-use fee.
  • Members have access to the services of the religious leader. Others pay a fee for the services of the religious leader.
  • Some Beit Am-sponsored educational and social activities are fee-based. When there is a charge for these activities, there is a differential fee for members and non-members (e.g., the community Seder and Hanukkah Party).
  • Members may borrow books from the Beit Am Library.
  • Members receive the monthly Beit Am newsletter at no additional charge as well as other mailings. Others must pay a subscription fee after an initial trial period. Also, members are included in and receive a copy of the membership roster.
  • Interests of members are represented to school districts, city and county governments on policy decisions affecting the lives and rights of Jews living in the area.
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