Beit Midrash Committee

Beit Midrash Committee Charter

adopted 2/13/2019


The Beit Midrash Committee (BMC) will support Beit Midrash and the Beit Midrash Director with the goal of providing meaningful, quality Jewish education to the children of the Beit Am community. The BMC will make recommendations to the Beit Am Board regarding religious school policy issues as needed.


The BMC will be composed of 6 members, at least two (2) of whom will have children currently enrolled in Beit Midrash and two (2) who do not have children currently enrolled. The Chair will be appointed by the Beit Am President and will help in the selection of other committee members. The Board member holding the portfolio for Youth Education will be a nonvoting, ex officio member of the committee.  Members will be expected to serve a minimum of a 2 year term.


The BMC will:

  1. Recommend school policies and procedures in support of a shared vision for a strong religious school education.
  2. Support the Director and Rabbi in the development of the school curriculum, making sure to coordinate with the B’nai Mitzvah coordinator.
  3. Act as a conduit for parental input and feedback, including but not limited to development of annual parent satisfaction surveys. The committee shall request Beit Am Board input for all surveys and results will be reported to the Board.
  4. Assist with recruiting and organizing volunteers to set up / clean up on class days; purchase snacks; organize school mitzvah days; and support other activities as requested by the Director.
  5. Work with the Director to prepare annual budget requests, including suggested tuition rates, in consultation with the Beit Am Treasurer.
  6. Provide the long-term “institutional memory” of the school by maintaining an archive of school materials, including annual curricula, budgets, established procedures, survey responses, and other similar documents.