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Oneg Guide

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 this page is "BEING REVIEWED" as we establish new building procedures....

Oneg means "Joy of the Sabbath" and since we are Jews, joy means "Let's eat!" Thank you for helping to make a joyful Shabbat by hosting the oneg. Here are instructions to help you with the process.

  • If you have not been trained on how to disarm the alarm or do not have an access code to enter the building - contact the volunteer coordinator at
  • Bring a challah (homemade or store bought) and finger foods like fruits and baked goods. There should be enough for about 15 people to have a light snack.
  • Before services set up - In the Sanctuary set up chairs and prayer books and candles with matches on brass tray on top of gift shop counter. (Candles and matches are in the kitchen’s pantry closet, books are in the cabinet to the right of the bima.) In the Social Hall arrange food table with challah on a cutting board and challah cover and salt shaker nearby, kiddish cup, the food you brought, and a table cloth is a nice touch (all necessary non-food items can be found in the kitchen’s pantry). Put a big bowl on the counter for food scraps. Pour wine and juice into the little metal kiddush cups (found in lower kitchen cupboards), and put them on a tray. Wine and juice are in the refrigerator (or on the floor of the kitchen’s pantry).
  • After services at the oneg - Serve wine and juice.
  • After the oneg - S... please make sure all the windows are closed, lights are off, and the doors locked.  Make sure someone authorized to close the building and to arm the alarm seeing to having the building closed up.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom


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