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Ruth Goldberg and Selma Loney Jewish Youth Awards Application

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Ruth Goldberg and Selma Loney Jewish Youth Awards for Jewish Camps and Programs 

This award was made possible by women with strong ties to Hadassah and Young Judaea, and an even stronger commitment to the youth in our Jewish community.

We plan to offer this award again in 2022. You can see the 2020 application below, as an example of what we ask for on the application. 

Applicants must have at least one parent or legal guardian who is a member of Beit Am or Hadassah, and must reside in Linn, Benton, Lincoln, or Polk Counties.  A completed application includes 1) the application form (as a cover letter), 2) answers to the application questions and 3) two letters of recommendation.

Recipients have attended camps such as B’nai B’rith Camp in Oregon, Camp Miriam (Habonim D’ror Camp) in British Columbia, Camp Eden Village West in California, and the Young Judaea Year Course in Israel. 

THINK ABOUT DONATING TO THE JEWISH YOUTH AWARDS FUND - The fund's goal is to deepen our local youth's connection to Judaism by helping Jewish kids afford enriching experiences such as Jewish camps and programs in Israel. Please consider donating to this fund.

This fund has been helping our youth attend fun and valuable Jewish programs since 1998 due to a generous endowment from Ruth Goldberg’s estate, and subsequent endowments from Selma Loney and Esther Bolker. 


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