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Beit Midrash Registration


The 5783 Beit Midrash registration deadline is Friday, September 16th. Please return registration forms by either filling them out online, or printing them out and delivering them to the Beit Am office during office hours.

Fill out the online form here

Beit Midrash tuition is due by Sunday, October 9th.

Financial considerations should never be a barrier to participation in Beit Midrash. If the total amount is in excess of your ability to pay, please contact the Beit Am treasurer at

Paper Payment

The tuition payment worksheet and check or ACH form is due to the Beit Am office on or before the first day of Beit Midrash, Sunday, October 9th. Both forms are available at the bottom of this page. Forms and checks can be mailed to Beit Am, 4318 NW Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330. Forms and payment can also be dropped off at the Beit Am business office during office hours, or slipped under the office door after hours.

Online Payment

You can also pay tuition online using the link below on or before the first day of Beit Midrash, Sunday, October 9th. This will take you to the DONATE button, which you can use to make a payment for tuition (it says "DONATE" but this link is for Beit Midrash tuition only. It will not be considered a donation for tax purposes).

Pay tuition online here

Membership in Beit Am is a prerequisite to participation in Beit Midrash. If you have not yet returned your annual membership form, you can find a link to membership forms here or on the Beit Am website on the drop down menu under "Member Info."

While Beit Am requires families enrolling in Beit Midrash to be members of Beit Am, families may choose to visit Beit Midrash prior to deciding to enroll and completing membership forms and dues at Beit Am. 

Tuition payment options this year are:  

Full payment by the first day of class, October 9, 2022; 


Monthly ACH payments divided evenly from October through May (8 payments spread evenly, rather than prorated for the # of classes each month). An ACH form has been included should you choose the monthly tuition payment option. 

Please contact the office administrator at or 541-753-0067 to make any other payment arrangements.

Beit Midrash Funding and Support

Our Beit Am Jewish Community continues to place Jewish education for all of our children as one of our highest values and priorities as an organization. 

Beit Midrash staffing, educational supplies, and snacks are made possible through several means of support: Beit Am General Membership Dues fund over 70%; and Beit Midrash tuition, paid by the families who are able, just about covers the remaining 30%.

Community donations to the Beit Midrash Fund vary from year to year, and also help to cover any supplemental programming, as well as tuition for families requesting a reduction or waiver.


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