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Beit Am New Building

For the past 30 years, local faith communities have generously shared their facilities for Beit Am High Holiday Services and other life events. It is now time for Beit Am to have a home where our worship, study and fellowship can take place under one roof. Through the support of many many people Beit Am now occupies a new home that is an expression of our community, and reflects our commitment to a more sustainable world.   We have a large set of solar panels on the roof of out Sanctuary, thanks to the Pacific Power Blue Sky program.;Our home is now located at 4318 NW Circle Blvd.

With the larger capacity of our new building, Beit Am looks forward to hosting a range of events and activities for our members and others in the Willamette Valley, such as adult education classes and events, Jewish arts and culture events, and community activities aimed at community development and social justice.

4318 NW Circle Blvd

4318 NW Circle Blvd.
4318 NW Circle Blvd.
4318 NW Circle Blvd.
4318 NW Circle Blvd.

Contact us by sending e-mail to The Beit Am Web Maven
To contact our office, send email to The Beit Am Office
To contact our Rabbi, send email to The Beit Am Rabbi
To contact the newsletter editor, send email to The Beit Am Newsletter Editor
Questions about the New Building? Email us.

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