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Kol Ha'am

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The Voice of Beit Am

The Beit Am Newsletter, Kol Ha'am, is a monthly publication, except over the summer, when one issue is published for June and July. Kol Ha'am is mailed to the Beit Am community in time for everyone to receive a copy by the first of the month.

Submissions for the newsletter are due by the 15th of the month prior to publication.

Kol Ha'am provides a calendar of events, feature articles, a listing of weekly Torah readings, Shabbat candle lighting times, special announcements, and more.

Kol Ha'am is free to members of Beit Am, members of the local Hadassah chapter, or local Oregon State University Hillel members.

Kol Ha'am is available to anyone else for a subscription price of $18/year.
Send any subscription payments to:
Beit Am Office
4318 NW Circle Blvd
Corvallis, OR 97330

Contact us by sending e-mail to The Beit Am Web Maven
To contact our office, send email to The Beit Am Office
To contact our Rabbi, send email to The Beit Am Rabbi
To contact the newsletter editor, send email to The Beit Am Newsletter Editor
Questions about the New Building? Email us.

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