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Information on In-Person + Zoom Services at Beit Am for Summer 2021

Beginning in July, most services and events at Beit Am will be held indoors, with Zoom access for those who are unable to attend in-person. Trends in COVID-19 cases and vaccinations have enabled us to resume services at Beit Am, but precautions are still necessary to protect the health of our members and community.

Attendees may still catch the virus or spread it to others, despite the precautions we are taking. We encourage you to read the CDC’s Deciding to Go Out page when considering whether you are comfortable attending in-person services. People are strongly encouraged to wait until they are fully vaccinated before attending in-person services at Beit Am.

Beit Am has reviewed the current guidelines from the CDC and Oregon Health Authority as well as recommendations from independent public health experts. Masks are required for all attendees age five and older at indoor Beit Am services and events, including people who are fully vaccinated. At outdoor events, unvaccinated people are asked to wear a mask. Seating will be configured for social distancing. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this evolving situation.  

RSVP is requested to attend services in-person. This will help us plan seating and help with contact tracing in the case of a potential COVID-19 exposure. Zoom access will remain available, and care will be taken to integrate in-person and virtual participants into one prayer community.  A list of sign-up links to RSVP for in-person attendance is found at the bottom of this page.

To protect the health of service attendees and those in our community, Beit Am has established the following guidelines for in-person events:

  • Do not attend if you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have recently tested positive, or have had a close contact with somebody who has COVID-19. Please refer to current guidelines for quarantining.

  • All attendees five years of age and over are expected to wear masks at indoor services. Masks are requested for unvaccinated individuals at outdoor events. 

  • Practice frequent handwashing, cover coughs and sneezes, and take other measures to protect yourself and others 

  • Rows of seats will be placed six feet apart. Please seat yourself to leave approximately six feet between households (usually two empty seats within a row), unless you are all comfortable sitting closer. 

  • Please clean high-touch surfaces.

  • We ask that you notify Beit Am if you have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within one week of attending an in-person event.

Beit Am will update this page with sign up information for future services, along with any necessary updates to guidelines and frequently-asked questions. We appreciate your flexibility and patience as our community navigates creating a hybrid service experience that is both safe and meaningful for all our in-person and online attendees.

As we plan for in-person services at Beit Am, we are also looking for volunteers to serve as Greeters at services. Greeters serve an important role as a friendly face to welcome attendees, maintain awareness of potentially-unsafe situations, and assist in the unlikely event of an emergency. No special training is necessary right now, but we will review our safety and security plans for outdoor services. If you are interested please contact the Beit Am office.

Here is the list of Sign Up Geniuses for the July services

Kabbalat Shabbat: Friday, July 9

Humanistic services: Friday, July 16

Sim Shalom services: Saturday, July 31

Sign ups for the bat mitzvah services coming soon!


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