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Tu Bishvat

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Tu Bishvatat Beit Am 5781

Let's celebrate Tu Bishvat together!

Adult Learning:

The Big Bold Bold Jewish Climate Fest is a free, virtual and collaborative festival by and for people who want to activate Jewish values to move the needle on climate change. Sessions begin January 27th and run through January 31st.

Lots of Tu Bishvat resources from HAZON: The Jewish Lab for Sustainability including their 2021 Seder Haggadah and Sourcebook:

“The Four Faces of Tu Bishvat” by Dr Jeremy Benstein, The Heschel Center, Tel Aviv: 

TED Talk: “How Trees Talk to Each Other” by Suzanne Simard:


Music, Art, and Literature:

An eclectic Tu Bishvat playlist put together by Hadar’s Rising Song Institute:

Text and translation of the beloved Hebrew poem “For Man is Like A Tree of the Field”: (And see this article from My Jewish Learning for more on this theme and its origins)


For Kids and Families:

Tu Bisvhat Seder Haggadah and Sourcebook for Families with School-age Kids:

9 Ways to Celebrate Tu Bishvat with Kids from PJ Library:
Tu Bishvat Activities to Do at Home from

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