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Sukkot at Beit Am 5783

Let's celebrate Sukkot together.  Our Beit Am Sukkah went up on the back porch on Sunday, Oct 9, 2022 and we are ready to take reservations for lunch and dinner in the Sukkah. See links below for signups.

Lunch and Dinner RSVP in the Sukkah:

    Use the links below to reserve the sukkah for your household to have lunch or dinner in the sukkah.  The reservation time is lunch:10am-3pm or dinner: 5pm-10pm.  You can come and stay as long as you like within that timeframe.  Please be sure to see the Sukkah visiting guidelines below:
  • Login and then reserve for lunch RSVP at this link:
  • Login and then reserve for dinner RSVP at this link:
  • Eating and Dwelling in the Sukkah with Rabbi Phil:

Sukkah Visiting Guidelines:

The building may be locked when you visit.  The building should only be accessed to use the restroom, other common spaces of the building are closed. 

 Lunch is "pack-in pack-out". That is, be sure to bring everything you need for lunch and then pack it out again (along with any trash).Bring your mask in case you encounter others at the Beit Am building.

More ideas:


  • Sukkot morning service info: link tbd

More Resources: You may find some of these materials helpful in your celebration of Sukkot




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