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Family Engagement

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Components of Beit Midrash Family Education & Engagement

*The information below reflects engagement activities that take place during a typical year at Beit Midrash. Safety precautions and mask use will appliy to all group and family activities that take place at Beit Midrash during the 2021-22 school year. No activities will be scheduled which would violate state or federal recommendations*

Student & Family Tefillah

All students start their day at Beit Midrash with Tefillah in our beautiful sanctuary. We ask that a parent or guardian stay with younger children for this time. By making this a family learning time, parents can connect with other families and model the importance of Jewish learning for their kids. 

Sunday Schmoozes

On various Sundays throughout the year, parents/guardians are invited to stay after Tefillah for a bagel breakfast and group discussion about Jewish parenting issues. It’s a time to build community and learn together.

Family Shabbat Dinners

Family shabbat dinners *might* reappear this year, depending on what the world looks like! In the past, each class has celebrated one Shabbat dinner together at some point during the year. We will be look for one family in each class to host, while the other families bring the food. This has been a chance to live our Judaism and practice what students are learning in class. 

Beit Midrash Havdalah

At least once during the school year, we gather to end Shabbat and start our week in the sweetest way possible.

Mitzvah Days

Mitzvah Days are a central part of the Beit Midrash curriculum, when students get to see their Jewish values put into action. Family participation on these days helps to underscore the importance of service learning and we can do more in the community! We also welcome help planning the many logistics of Mitzvah Days.


We are always in need of volunteers! Each year there will be many opportunities for parents (and teens!) to support in classrooms. Additionally, we are looking for folks to help with purchasing snacks, keeping our building tidy, and other special projects. Please plan to volunteer for something at least twice a year.

Closing Circle

As always, families are invited to participate in Closing Circle, which begins about 5 minutes before pickup. This is a chance to join together once more as a learning community before the day is done.

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