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BAITT charter

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The Beit Am Information Technology Team charter (MS Word format).

adopted March 8, 2011

Purpose: In order to effectively conduct Beit Am business, we necessarily use an information technology (IT) system, defined as a system composed of onsite computers, offsite computers and servers, peripherals (such as printers and wireless modems), and local and wide area networks connecting these components. We also know that our membership cares about appropriate treatment of both confidential and general identification information on Beit Am’s IT system. It is incumbent upon us to establish systems and procedures that both enable Beit Am to function smoothly and efficiently, while respecting the privacy of individuals with whom we come into contact. We also want and need for our information systems to enable us in realizing the Beit Am vision.

Responsibility: The responsibility to establish IT systems to facilitate our ability to conduct Beit Am business is vested in the Beit Am Information Technology Team (BAITT). The BAITT has principle responsibility in two broad areas: managing Beit Am’s IT system, and making recommendations to the Beit Am Board regarding IT policies and strategies.

Inherent in the responsibility of managing IT systems for Beit Am are the various tasks of designing, implementing, deploying, testing, maintaining, and decommissioning IT systems. The responsibility of managing IT systems for Beit Am will include, but is not limited to:

  • Maintain office IT systems for managing Beit Am transactions
  • Ensure that technical IT support is provided as necessary to Beit Am staff
  • Maintain the domain name registration for
  • Provide email addresses for Beit Am staff (e.g.,, or other Beit Am positions (President, Treasurer, etc.)
  • Design and maintain a website at
  • Provide WiFi networking at Beit Am
  • Manage email lists for member communications
  • Accept payments online

In carrying out its responsibilities, the BAITT will adhere to and be responsible for implementing Beit Am’s Privacy and Information Security Policy, in so far as it relates to IT systems and data. The BAITT may recommend to the Beit Am Board revisions to this policy and/or other policies related to Beit Am’s IT system and strategies.

The BAITT shall be composed of a Committee Chair and at least one other member. The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the President of the Board. Other BAITT members shall be appointed by the BAITT Chair and approved by the President of the Board. There is no limit to how long a person may serve on the BAITT. The Membership Portfolio holder shall serve as liaison between the Board and the BAITT.

In order to implement and maintain the Beit Am IT system, the BAITT may utilize the help and skills of other Beit Am members, as well as outside volunteers and contractors. Funds to support the activities of the BAITT shall be provided by the Board. The BAITT shall not be authorized to make explicit or implicit commitments with financial ramifications without the express consent of the Board.

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