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Daily message with Shofar for Elul

For the month of Elul, in preparation for High Holidays, we will be posting here a daily message alongside a recording of the shofar.  Listen to the shofar while reading the daily message.  

  • Shofar for Elul:

Message for Wednesday, September 20:

A Time for Transformation

On Rosh Hashanah we reflect on the blessings and the challenges of the past year and look forward to the coming year with hope and a renewed sense of commitment and purpose. As we dip apples in honey, we symbolically usher in a sweet new year for ourselves, our families and our communities. As we share the sweet tastes of the New Year, may we be strengthened and blessed to bring about the transformation we seek within ourselves, and in the world so all can live a life of sustenance, security, and shalom.

Just one more sunset. Just one more sunrise. Just one more dawn. Just one more day. Let there be peace. Let there be love. Shalom...shalom…shalom.

- Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach


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