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Seder Babayit (Virtual for 2021)

Beit Am’s Seder BaBayit program is now virtual and will once again be available to Beit Am members and friends on the first and second nights of Passover (Saturday, March 27 and Sunday, March 28, 2021). This popular event matches hosts who are willing to accommodate extra guests at their seder table with guests who are looking for a virtual home seder to attend.

Passover Will Be Very Different This Year — And That's OK


We are hoping for wide participation. Remember to complete two forms if you wish to participate on both nights. 

As in years past, we are especially in need of people willing to host. If you are planning to hold a virtual seder this year and would welcome a few extra guests, we’re looking for you!

To participate in this year’s Virtual Seder BaBayit Program please complete a Seder BaBayit sign-up sheet. The form is available to fill out online at HERE. Or download the PDF attachment  at the bottom of this page, Or, find a paper copy in the March Kol Ha’am. If you use the printed version of the sign-up sheet, please complete and mail to Beit Am. Please respond as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday, March 17th. We will do our best to match up people by using the information you give us on the sign-up sheet. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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