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Beit Am Annual Membership Renewal for Current Members

May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019
Submit this electronic form or the printable form by May 15, 2018

Thank you for your continued membership with Beit Am! Annual submission of this form is necessary to preserve your membership. This is how Beit Am knows who is a voting member and who should be included in the directory.

Please list adult members living in the same household
Has your contact information changed?
Beit Am 2018-2019 Dues:

Everyone should complete this section, even if you have an “Auto Pay” method set up for dues!

Beit Am’s dues system allocates a portion of financial responsibility among our community members based on their household income. To ensure that dues levels are assessed on a fair and consistent basis for all members, we ask that you determine your dues based on 2 percent of your adjusted gross income. We also welcome dues that are greater than 2 percent!

(If you are on a monthly payment method, simply multiply your monthly amount by 12)

Note: all dues are fully tax deductible

* We prefer that the dues are paid in two equal installments. If this provides a hardship for you, you may pay what you are able for the first installment, and the balance on or before the second installment date.
By checking this box, and clicking on the submit button, you are acknowledging that the information on this form is correct.

Beit Am relies on your dues promise for the operating budget and appreciates your timely payments.

Beit Am believes that an inability to pay should never be a barrier to membership or education. If your financial circumstances require alternative arrangements, please contact the Office or the Treasurer to discuss in confidence dues assessment or payment arrangement.

Contact us by sending e-mail to The Beit Am Web Maven
To contact our office, send email to The Beit Am Office
To contact our Rabbi, send email to The Beit Am Rabbi
To contact the newsletter editor, send email to The Beit Am Newsletter Editor
Questions about the New Building? Email us.

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