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Beit Midrash Volunteer Opportunities

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Parent Volunteer Jobs 5773

  1. Work in your child’s classroom—If your child is in Kitah Alef-Bet, please consider volunteering to be present for 2 or 3 Sundays from 10-11:15.  We’ll be doing lots of crafts and hands-on activities, and an extra adult in the room will be really helpful.
  2. Drive and chaperone a Mitzvah Morning—Dates are October 28, February 24, and May 5
    *On October 28 and May 5, we will be working at the SAGE Garden, which is a community garden in Corvallis that supplies locally grown produce to low-income families.  They have a great youth education program, and these mornings (I’ve been to two) are inspirational both for the work our kids do and the sense of greater connection and responsibility they inspire.  What’s the commitment?  About two hours of time, from 10:30-12:30.  You’ll need to drive your child and a few others to and from Beit Am, and then get out and supervise/lend a hand at the garden.  
    *On February 24, we’ll be preparing and/or distributing food in celebration of Purim.  We’d like to collect and deliver food donations for local food pantries, as well as distribute hamantaschen and other goodies to members of our community who might not be able to attend the Purim celebration.  On this day, we’d like several parents to be on hand during school hours, 10-12:30, in order to supervise a small group of students with cooking, packing, decorating, or delivering packages.

  4. Be the room parent
  5. This year we’d like each class to have a room parent.  What will this person do?  First, be the class contact on the phone tree  in case of any last minute changes on a Sunday morning.  Next, coordinate two in-home Shabbat dinners (see below).  This will mean finding a workable date, getting the word out and collaborating with the host to arrange the potluck dinner.  And when helpful, this parent will serve as the point person for communication from the teacher regarding any projects or additional needs that arise. 

  6. Host a Shabbat dinner in your home
  7. This year, each class will have two at-home Shabbat dinners.  Hosts only need to be willing to open their homes, and with the room parent coordinate the potluck dinner.

  8. Coordinate class participation in a Shabbat service
  9. Throughout the year, each class will be invited to help lead a portion of  a Shabbat service (either Family service, Kabbalat Shabbat, or Shir Hadash, depending on age).  The parent volunteer will need to coordinate with other class parents to provide the Kiddush or potluck, and arrange for help with setup and cleanup.
    Dates are as follows:
    Kitah Gan Family Service on Friday, April 5
    Kitah Alef-Bet Family Service on Friday, February 1
    Kitah Gimmel-Dalet Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday, January 11
    Kitah Hey Shir Hadash on Saturday, March 9
    Kitah Vav-Zayin Shir Hadash on Saturday, February 9

  10. Coordinate hosting of the all-school Shir Hadash service
  11. All students will participate in the May 11 service. The parent volunteer will need to coordinate with other parents to provide the Kiddush and potluck and help with setup and cleanup.

  12. Help coordinate the Purim Party
  13. What’s the commitment?  You will work with the volunteer from Beit Am’s Religious Affairs Committee to help coordinate activities, food, and setup and cleanup.  Don’t worry—you don’t have to do this all yourself!  We just need a “point person” to line up volunteers from among our school parents.  Also, we’d love parents to help plan kid friendly activities to make this evening a success for everyone.

  14. Help coordinate our Closing Celebration—May 19th
  15. Since Tanya will be out of town on this day, we’ll need 2 or 3 parents to oversee the details that will make this day a success.

  16. Serve on our Youth Education Committee
  17. This committee engages with  a range of issues regarding youth education at Beit Am. From the logistical to the pedagogical, it supports the vision of the school and helps direct  and energize us to be as successful as we can be. We have parent and teacher representatives, in addition to the rabbi and school administrator. The committee meets once per month  for an hour or hour and a half, but the discussions are engaging and important and we strive for it to be a meaningful way  to help enhance the experience of Jewish learning for our children. We are looking for 2 or 3 more parent representatives.

  18. Share your talents

Do you have skills or talents that you’d like to share with our school children?  If so, let’s talk.  We love to have parents working with our kids, sharing their passions, and providing a model for engaged Jewish living.  

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