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Holocaust Memorial Week: Yom HaShoah Concert

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Thursday, April 8, 12:00 noon
Concert: The OSU Choirs Sing of the Holocaust and of Healing

This event will present its audience with the video-recording of a concert that took place at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and featured the Oregon State University choirs under the direction of Professor Steven M Zielke, the Director of Choral Studies at OSU.

The concert consists of two pieces of music:
     Schlaf Mein Kind (“Sleep, my child”), is a traditional German lullaby, sung across the generations with a variety of lyrics and themes, some of them recalling Jewish culture. The version that will be presented on April 8 is accompanied by photographs of Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust. Although the choirs sing in Yiddish, English subtitles will be available to viewers;
     The second, and considerably longer, work, To Be Certain of the Dawn, is an oratorio, with music composed by Stephen Paulus and a libretto authored by Michael Dennis Browne, two well-known artists. The oratorio was commissioned by the Basilica of St. Mary, a Catholic church in Minneapolis, as a gift to a local synagogue. It premiered at the basilica in 2005, a year that commemorated the 60th anniversary of the close of the Holocaust and the 40th anniversary of the promulgation of Nostra Aetate (“In Our Time”), a declaration by the Catholic Church that denounced Antisemitism and stated categorically that modern Jews bore no guilt for the death of Jesus, thereby powerfully challenging the “deicide” charge that had for centuries been used to justify Jew-hatred.
     In the words of Michael Dennis Browne, “The work is written as a triptych. Renewal, the first section, reveals Christian contrition for all the centuries of [promoting Antisemitism], as well as a desire to … seek a new beginning as partners in faith with Jews…. In Remembrance, the middle section [we] commemorate the children who died [in the Holocaust]…. Visions, the final section, brings us to the present time, interfaith time [embracing] the theme, ‘You should love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Event Date: 
Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 12:00pm

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