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Tikkun Leyl Shavuot over Zoom

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 The Oregon Board of Rabbis has decided to bring together all of our Erev Shavuot teaching into one, big, state-wide, online learning event! You can join Rabbi Phil and/or a dozen other rabbis for a variety of sessions, beginning at 6:00pm and running late into the night! (Rabbi Phil's session starts at 7:50, see below.)

All the info, including the registration link, follow below.  You must sign up ahead of time to receive the Zoom link, but you'll be free to drop in or out of any session you like throughout the evening.  

Shavuot 5780 

WHY WE MUST: Community and Learning

The Oregon Board of Rabbis brings you a Tikkun Leyl Shavuot by Zoom

Open to all who seek to study and to celebrate the gift of Torah

• An all night study session

• With members of the Oregon Board of Rabbis

• Celebrating Torah in all forms and expressions


Thursday, May 28th  


Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change):

6.00-6.10pm -- Welcome and Introduction: Rabbi Ariel Stone

6.10-7.10 -- First Session

  1. Rabbi Ariel Stone: The Imperative of Community

  2. Rabbi Debra Kolodny: Standing with our Ancestors at Sinai

  3. Rabbi Tzvi Fischer: What Happened at Sinai: Torah and Midrash on the Revelation

7:10-7:20 -- Regrouping/Break

7.20-7.50 -- Candle Lighting: Rabbi Hannah Laner and Rabbi David Zaslow

7.50-8.50 -- Second Session

  1. Rabbi Daniel Isaak: Is God Santa Claus? Praying for Healing in Time of Covid 19

  2. Rabbi Josh Rose: Breaking Good: Crisis as the Foundation of Hope

  3. Rabbi Phil Bressler: The Whole Torah in One Tweet -- Rabbi Hillel’s famous one-footed answer in an age abbreviation

8.50-9.00 -- Regrouping/Break

9.00-10.00 -- Third Session

  1. Shalom Mayberg Sound Immersion - Transitioning out of slavery into freedom

  2. Rabbi Emanuel Ben David: 10 Commandments

10.00-10.10 -- Regrouping/Break

10.10-11.10 -- Fourth Session

  1. Rabbi Barry Cohen: “To Feel or Not to Feel” (and confronting the consequences)

  2. Rabbi Jonathan Seidel: Magic and Angelic Revelation

  3. Rabbi Eve Posen: Different learners, Different Temperaments: A rabbinic perspective on recognizing our strengths and weaknesses


Event Date: 
Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 6:00pm

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