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Virtual Seder BaBayit (Seders in the Home)

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Beit Am’s usual Seder BaBayit Program has been cancelled for safety reasons and in order to be in compliance with the governor’s “stay at home” order.   However, due to modern technology, we can all enjoy a Passover Seder with our families and others in the community without ever leaving our homes.  After all, shared conversation and interpersonal connections are integral to this important moment in the Jewish year.

Here’s how the new and improved Virtual Seder BaBayit Program works.  If you are hosting a home Seder for your family and are willing and able to include others electronically (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc.), please contact me directly.  Here’s the information that I need to know about your Seder:

1)      Your name(s) and contact information

2)      Is it on the 1st night (April 8) or the 2nd night (April 9)?

3)     How many virtual guests are you willing to include in your Seder?

4)     A brief description of the type of Seder you are planning (traditional, liberal, kid-friendly, etc.)

5)     The approximate length and starting time of your Seder

If you want to be a virtual guest at someone’s home Seder, this is what you need to send to me:

1)     Your name(s) and contact information.

2)      Do you want to participate on the 1st night (April 8), the 2nd night (April 9) OR either night is fine?

3)     The important elements in a Seder for you (liberal, traditional, kid-friendly, etc.)  OR any Seder is fine.

If you want to participate in Virtual Seder BaBayit, I will need to receive this information no later than noon on Friday, April 3.  As usual, I will do my best to match people up.

In addition, I believe that Rabbi Phil will be putting out a list of virtual Haggadot that hosts and guests can access.

Chag sameach and best wishes for a meaningful Pesach!


Susan Aronson


Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 8, 2020 - 6:00pm to Thursday, April 9, 2020 - 8:00pm

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