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House Rules

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Rules for Beit Am Building Use

CATEGORIES OF USE: (Listed in priority order)

  1. Religious, holiday, and life cycle events (Shabbat and B'nai Miztvah, B'rit...)
  2. Beit Am sponsored educational programs (VJCCS, Hebrew classes, continuing education classes, and presentations, etc.)
  3. Beit Am and affiliated organization and committee meetings (Board, Hadassah, Young Judaea, Hillel, committees of the Board, scheduled social events, Religious Leader meetings/tutoring)
  4. Member-organized/led functions open to all Beit Am members without charge or closed member life cycle activities (no general invitation)

  Requires Board permission: 

  5. Meetings/functions of recognized community organizations having aims compatible with Beit Am, but not open to all Beit Am members (Scout meetings, non-profit board meetings,.)

  6. Member-organized/led functions not generally open or free to all Beit Am Members (private religious or non religious tutoring, piano lessons, etc.)

Note: No use will be allowed that hinders access to the Religious Leader's office, the tenant's quarters, or access to any part of the building by a Board Member or Board-authorized representative.


The scheduler is the person listed in the Beit Am newsletter who maintains the Beit Am Calendar of Events

Scheduled events have priority over non-scheduled events. All uses of the Beit-Am building must be scheduled. It is important to schedule your event as early as possible.

• All events must be cleared first with the scheduler to assure that the required portion of the building is unscheduled. Areas required for exclusive use must be stated explicitly at that time.

• The scheduler can authorize building use for categories 1-4. The scheduler may refer category 4 requests to the Board President or his/her representative for approval.

• The scheduler can give tentative reservations for categories 5 -6. But it is the organizer's responsibility to get Board permission and to inform the scheduler once such permission has been granted. Board permission can only be granted by the Board, the Board president or his/her designee.

February 1, 1998


There is no charge for building use for categories 1 - 4 except as follows:

A. Beit Am Families holding life cycle events either privately or during regularly scheduled services will be required to make a cleaning deposit at the time of reservation of the building which is refundable after the event if the building is properly cleaned. The house manager or his/her designee will notify the treasurer of the compliance of the party involved.

B. Life-cycle events scheduled by non-members. A non-refundable building use fee and a refundable cleaning fee will be charged at the time of scheduling of the event.

• Rental fees will be charged for the use of the Beit Am building for Categories 5 - 6.


• The scheduler and the building manager will have the schedule of fees. The schedule of fees for the following year will be set by the board in June.

• The schedule of fees for the 1997-1998 year is as follows (fees are subject to change):

A. Refundable cleaning deposit - $50

B. Kitchen usage fee (other than coffee/hot water) - $20/use

C. Member - personal lessons/instruction - $20/use

D. Member - 4 hr or evening use - $35

E. Member - full day use - $75

F. Non-member - 4 hr or evening use - $50

G. Non-member-full day usage - $100

• Exceptions to the above fees must be approved by the Board


• Taking pictures or filming during a religious service in the Sanctuary on Shabbat and holidays is prohibited.

• The Beit Am kitchen is non-meat kitchen - no meat products or shellfish are to be used in the building.

• ALL FOOD OR DRINK is to be consumed ONLY in the social hall or outside areas except by special permission of the house manager (requires a cleaning fee)

• All tables, chairs, dividers that are moved for an event should be returned to place they were found before the event.

• All floors and surfaces should be cleaned, dishes washed and returned to the shelves immediately, and garbage emptied after an event.

• The contact person for each event should consult the building manager regarding cleaning instructions for each area of the building and the location of cleaning supplies.

• No work parties/activities are permitted on Shabbat or holidays.


• No Beit Am items may be removed or borrowed from the building except for scheduled Beit Am functions such as High Holiday services, B'nai Mitzvah, life cycle events, the annual picnic, etc.

• The Beit Am Torah (the one with the light blue cover) may be moved outside of the building for Beit Am sanctioned events only with the approval of the Beit Am Board. The other scroll must be left in the aron kodesh so that it is never left empty.

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